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New tools to help your travel business get actionable insights on destinations and hotels in MENA

Hotel Insights page

On World Tourism Day, Google is launching two free tools to help the travel industry in the Middle East and North Africa identify timely travel demand and make better-informed decisions. The tools are launched under the ‘Travel Insights with Google’ website which includes two new tools available in both English and in Arabic; Destination Insights and Hotel Insights.

By leveraging the tools, businesses in the travel and tourism industry can discover insights to reach global travelers, whether they are departing or arriving in MENA, at every stage of their journey, from dreaming about their next travel destination, to booking flights and hotels.

Destination Insights

The Destination Insights tool will give travel businesses, governments and tourism boards a clear picture of the top sources of demand for a destination, and the destinations within their countries that travelers are most interested in visiting. It also allows businesses to explore how tourism demand is changing, compared to previous months’ or years’ demand and adjust marketing campaigns accordingly.

Destination Insights page

Destination Insights tool is now available in Arabic and English

Hotel Insights

Millions of people search for hotels every day on Google, generating immense insights about local interests in hotels and the process travelers go through. Small and independent hotels can now access the Hotel Insights tool to get in-depth knowledge about travelers’ interest in their property, and understand where the interest is coming and how to attract new guests by creating a stronger digital presence.

Hotel Insights page

Hotel Insights tool generates timely insights about travelers’ interest in hotels

The ‘Travel Insights with Google’ website which includes the newly launched free tools, is now accessible to all businesses in MENA. Google will continue to build tech-driven tools that help businesses in the travel and tourism industry engage with more travelers, and grow sustainably.