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New short video series to answer most searched questions on AI

A picture of four speakers from Google

We are launching a new short video series to answer the top searched questions on AI on Google by users in the Middle East and North Africa. The six-episode short video series in Arabic which aims to demystify the most common misconceptions around AI will be hosted by popular Saudi content creator, Abdullah AlAlawi and will feature veteran AI experts from Google including Mehdi Ghissassi, Director of Product Management at Google DeepMind.

According to our internal data, Arabic queries on AI by users in the Middle East and North Africa region rose significantly in the last 12 months, and many of them are related to its daily practical uses. The six episodes will address the top searched questions -

  • Episode 1: What is Generative AI?
  • Episode 2: How can I use AI in my studies?
  • Episode 3: What is the difference between AI and Machine Learning?
  • Episode 4: How can I use AI everyday?
  • Episode 5: How can I protect my data while using AI tools?
  • Episode 6: How can I use AI to be more productive and creative?

The new series, Googleyat, will be published every week and will run on Google Arabia’s channels on YouTube, Instagram and X, as well as the channels of Abdullah AlAlawi on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Enjoy watching the first episode!

A teaser of the videos combined featuring Saudi creator Abdullah and other speakers at Google talking about artificial intelligence.