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Safety & Security

On Safer Internet Day, help students have a safe and positive experience online

All students learn at an early age how to keep themselves safe at home, in the classroom, and most important, on the street. They’re taught to be aware of their surroundings and to keep their belongings safe under lock and key. The same principle applies in the online world—only instead of belongings we’re dealing with personal information and access to online accounts.

Because people spend so much time online, it is important to teach students how to stay safe on the web. In order to become good and responsible digital citizens, students need to practice critical thinking, learn how to protect their information, and have good privacy habits.

We are happy to announce that on Safer Internet Day, we launched an online safety course in Arabic on the Google for Education website ( The course is designed for teachers (and parents!) who want to learn how to create a safe and positive experience online for students.