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Batala, a hub on YouTube for MENA's talented female creators

The female YouTube creator community in our region is an ever-growing one. Everyday, we discover new names doing exciting things while making great videos. Since Arab women creators show no sign of slowing down, we decided to make it easier for you to discover these talented and hardworking YouTubers. Meet Batala, a hub just for the Arab world’s finest female creators.

The logo of 'Batala' program on a red background

Featuring more than 100 creators from Morocco to Oman, Batala (the Arabic feminine noun used to describe the female starring lead in Arabic films) is a reflection of the richness these women bring to YouTube and its one billion users all over the world. The hub is designed to help you find your favorite channels and also discover new creators and their work. It is also categorized by genre, so you can easily find what you want in the more than 1,000 videos available on the channel.

A video that covers a group of female content creators

On Batala, you will find that creativity meets bravery. You will see the passion these women have for their work and their dedication to their subscribers. You will find stories about everything from tapping into your inner strength, poignant film reviews, to stories about discovering faraway lands.

We want more women to tell their own stories, to express the creativity that bustles within their minds, and to inspire others to do the same. You too can be a Batala, so show us what you got! Check out the hub, subscribe, and join this powerful community! Let us know your thoughts by using the following hashtag: #بطلة_يوتيوب