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More than 50 years of Arabic television on YouTube Mosalsalat

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Television series have been mirroring daily life in the Arab world since they first made their way into our homes in the 1950s, bringing all members of the family together at a certain hour every day.

As these series built their following across the Middle East and North Africa, there was a spur in production across Arab television networks in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Kuwait and Morocco. The region saw a momentum in production since the late 1950s which has continued well into 2016.

We wanted to make sure that these shows, old and new, were preserved and accessible in this digital age of ours, and to our all users anytime, and anywhere. Today, we are happy to launch YouTube Mosalsalat [Mosalsalat is the plural of the word “series” in Arabic], a platform which hosts more than 500 of the most iconic Arabic series produced since 1962.

We worked with a variety of Arab broadcast partners who own the rights to these series such as the Egyptian Radio and Television Union in Cairo and the WatanNetwork in Syria.

Whether you want to reminisce with Yahia El Fakharany as you watch Layali El Hilmyah, or laugh with Ayman Zeidan on Yawmiyat Modeer A’am, or even discover Arabic science fiction with Al Ankaboot (based on a book with the same title), there is something here for everyone. We also made sure to feature some of the best shows produced this year and now you will be able to catch any episode of the Ramadan hit Nelly we Sherihan among many other series.

With more than 7,000 hours of television on Mosalsalat, we wanted to make searching for your shows as easy as possible. On the channel, you will find that the series are categorized by genre, country of origin, actor, and other indicators to help you get to the show you feel like watching faster.

We hope you enjoy YouTube Mosalsalat as much as we enjoyed working on this hub. We also hope you share your favorite scenes and moments with your friends and family.