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Here’s your guide to YouTube in Ramadan

Whether you want to catch up on this year’s critically acclaimed Ramadan TV series on YouTube Mosalsalat or see what the region’s creators are up to, there’s something for everyone on YouTube this Ramadan. The YouTube creator community in the Arab world is as creative as it is diverse. These creators entertain millions across the Arab world throughout the year and especially during Ramadan. So we put this guide together to help you navigate some of the Ramadan content made by the region’s top YouTube creators.

1. Lowi Sahi vlogs his way through Ramadan Lowi leads a colorful life in one of the world’s most exciting cities, Dubai. He documents his Ramadan days with friends and family in his vlogs which are often watched by hundreds of thousands of people. Stop by his channel for a good laugh and watch his new Ramadan talk show which starts halfway through his Ramadan episodes.

2. Hayla’s mom sets her up with a potential husband Watch Hayla in her second original Ramadan comedy series as she struggles to deal with her mother who’s keen on marrying her off on the hit YouTube series Hayla and Essam.

3. Salizone takes on this year’s TV series in quirky (and hilarious) commentary Although drama dominates TV screens in Ramadan, Injy Aboulseoud and Sarrah Abdelrahman are back to lighten the mood in their fourth season of Salizone. This season’s first episode featured a special appearance by Ahmed Malek from one of this year’s most acclaimed TV series!

4. Five women, five dialects, one Maha Jaafar Maha has made a name for herself mimicking the many different Arabic dialects spoken in the Middle East. She’s brought some of the most popular characters in one original series, her first, for this Ramadan.

5. Discover Iraqi cuisine with Mama Souad Ramadan is a time to experiment with new and exciting dishes. Mama Soaad’s videos introduce us to Iraq’s most popular dishes in her simple to follow Ramadan videos.