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Mideast & North Africa


Dance to the beat of folkloric dance with YouTube

YouTube doodle animated graphic showing animated characters dancing Dabke

Calling all culture & folklore enthusiasts! Today's Yoodle celebrates the diverse and captivating world of folk dance from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). If you appreciate vibrant cultural traditions and expressive movement, you're going to love this.

A Journey Through Rhythms and Traditions

We also put together a curated playlist that takes us on a journey through the various folk dance styles of the MENA region. Just as the dialects and cultures of the region are diverse, so too are the traditional dance forms. From the lively Dabke to the melodic belly dance, the playlist is a treasure trove of cultural expression, offering a glimpse into rich traditions.

Bahraini YouTube creator Omar Farooq learns Dabke in Jordan

Bahraini YouTube creator Omar Farooq learns Dabke in Jordan

A quick peek at some featured folkloric dance styles:

  • Dabke: This lively folk dance from the Levant region is typically performed in a line or circle, with synchronized foot movements and energetic clapping.
  • Ahwash: This Amazigh folk dance is a vibrant communal celebration, often performed during religious and national holidays.
  • Tanoura: A captivating Egyptian folk dance, Tanoura is performed by men who twirl in circles among the audience.
  • Reggada: Hailing from northeastern Morocco, Reggada is an earthy dance that expresses a deep connection to the land, featuring shoulder and foot movements.

We hope you enjoy today’s Yoodle and the journey across MENA’s traditional dances.