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Beeko & Kaswara's 4 tips for aspiring YouTube creators

GIF showing conversation between Beeko and Kaswara

The creator economy in Saudi Arabia is truly unique. Saudi Arabia was one of the first countries to dive full force into content creation, using YouTube as a platform to share Saudi voices with the world. Fast forward to today and YouTube shows have made it to the Red Sea Film Festival and content creation has become a key part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

In the first episode of the new season of Hekayat YouTube, YouTube Vlogger, Beeko, sat down with the Godfather of social media, U-Turn Entertainment’s Kaswara Al Khatib to discuss the creator economy in Saudi Arabia and to share tips for everyone who is keen on getting started.

Here's what they recommend:

1.A hunger to learn is integral to succeeding as content creators

Imagine watching 1000 pieces of content? This is what one YouTuber did to optimize their channel. While passion is great, it’s important to learn and to research specific niches because more people come to YouTube for special interest topics. This will help you stand out and find your audience.

2. Build a relationship with your audience to harness the power of community

Kaswara says that when Hatoon Al Qadi, the pioneer female YouTube creator in Saudi Arabia, faced backlash and criticism for being a woman on YouTube, she thought about quitting. But then she persevered and built a stronger relationship with her audience, her fans were the ones helping to drive her forward and shutting down negative remarks.

Beeko & Kaswara Alkhatib discuss the creator economy in Saudi Arabia in Hekayat YouTube.

3. You can't please everybody - stay authentic

Sharing your story with the world on open platforms means that your content may not resonate with everyone. Beeko says it’s integral that more content creators learn to do the inner work and prepare themselves to be more resilient in the face of negative comments or criticism. What’s important is to keep going - when you fail, it’s an opportunity to learn.

4. Don’t rush: Believe in your content and growth will follow
Beeko’s top tip is to avoid overthinking. She spoke about how she was hesitant to publish any episodes at the start because she was worried how people would react. But once she got into a rhythm and started publishing regularly, without focusing on the number of views, her channel grew and she had a wider audience.

We hope you enjoy this episode! Stay tuned for a conversation on AI next week on Hekayat YouTube!