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Hekayat YouTube spotlights conversations on topics that matter to Saudi youth

Creators are the lifeblood of YouTube. They bring their stories and experiences to the platform in authentic and creative ways. Their authenticity has meant that YouTube was able to create a space for creators and their audiences to build communities around topics that matter to them.

This is no different in Saudi Arabia, where YouTube reaches over 20 million people over the age of 18. With a vibrant, tech-savvy youth population, Saudi Arabia is embracing content creation and its potential to drive the economy. But what topics are top of mind for Saudi youth? What happens when you bring Saudi content creators and influential public figures together to discuss the topics that matter to youth in the Kingdom?

We knew that these conversations were already happening on YouTube. Which is why we’re excited to launch a special edition of Hekayat YouTube focusing on Saudi Arabia’s youth and the topics that are top of mind for them. Whether it’s the future of jobs & artificial intelligence, quality of life and wellbeing or sports and development - Hekayat YouTube is bringing together leading YouTube creators from Saudi Arabia like Beeko, Faisal Alsaif, Sukkari Life and Faris Alturki with influential members of the public and private sector in Saudi Arabia to discuss and engage on the topics that will shape their future.

Here are the episodes you can look forward to on this season of Hekayat:

The creator economy in Saudi Arabia (Beeko & Kaswara Alkhatib):

Charismatic, energetic and known for her playful character, Maram Beeko (Beeko) is a Saudi YouTube creator whose engaging and relatable content has attracted over 2 million subscribers and over 370 million views on YouTube.

Beeko’s episode will be the “Godfather” of content creation in Saudi Arabia, Kaswara Alkhatib, CEO of U-Turn Entertainment to discuss the creator economy in the Kingdom & its future.

The Future of Jobs, AI & regulation (Faisal Alsaif with Dr. Raied Aljadaany & Abdullah Alsabe)

Tech expert and YouTube creator Faisal Alsaif rarely needs an introduction, especially in Saudi Arabia. One of the first tech creators, Faisal’s informative videos inform and educate people about all things tech - from devices to AI, his channel is a one-stop shop for tech lovers.

It’s therefore only natural for Faisal to be in conversation with Dr. Raied Aljadaany, Researcher at the Saudi Data & Artificial Intelligence Authority and Abdullah Alsabe, Tech Editor at Independent Arabia & Presenter of Tech Plus Program.

Quality of Life & Wellbeing (Sukkari Life & Nourah Alyusuf):

Sukkari practices what she preaches - an avid yogi who advocates for plant-based lifestyles, Sukkari believes in the importance of mental health and wellbeing, sharing tips to inspire her community. Join Sukkari for a conversation with Nourah Alyusuf, from Saudi Arabia’s Quality of Life Program about quality of life and wellbeing.

Sports for development (Faris Alturki & Haya Sawan):

Investor and sports enthusiast Faris Alturki will be in conversation with CEO of SheFit, Haya Sawan about the role Sports plays in development of both the economy and society.

The first episode of Hekayat YouTube will be released tonight on Ana Beeko’s channel. You can also watch the episodes on YouTube Arabia’s YouTube, participating creator’s channels and Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Anghami & Deezer. The first episode of Play it Forward with YouTube will be released tonight, 31 January, on Ana Beeko’s YouTube channel, YouTube Arabia’s YouTube Channel and major podcast platforms, with a new episode every week.

We hope you enjoy the new season of Hekayat YouTube!