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Your complete guide to Ramadan on YouTube this year

Although this Ramadan is different for all of us, our love for shows that bring us together and content that makes us laugh or cook still lives on. Every year, we see a spike in watchtime on categories like entertainment and cooking during the holy month.  With that spike, comes an increase in videos by channels from around the Arab world, ranging from the Saudi Reporters, to broadcasters like Al Watan Network.

Saudi Reporters, Hadeel Marei, and Basil Al Haj

(L-R), the Saudi Reporters, Hadeel Marei, and Basil Al Haj will help you laugh and eat this Ramadan

This Ramadan you will laugh with Syrian actress Shukran Murtaja and Egyptian actor Hassan Raddad, cook with the crew from Atyab Tabkha, and follow the adventures of the Anasala family or Basel Al Haj as they document their life during Ramadan while in Quarantine. We hope you enjoy this guide we put together for you!

YouTube Creators

1. Saudi Reporters - Season 2 of Boody and Zozo
Tune into the second season of Boody and Zozo as the two brothers try to escape the fantasy world they were transported into during the first season.

2. Anasala Family - Ramadan in the West vlog series
Anas and Asala have delighted millions of people with their vlogs about their daily life as an Arab family in Canada. This Ramadan, their vlogs will focus on what it’s like celebrating Ramadan while social distancing and in the West.

3. Basel Al Haj - Ramadan Hotel
Globe-trotting foodie Basel Al Haj is quarantine with four other friends in a 25-bedroom hotel all by themselves. Watch Basel as he cooks his way through quarantine with delicious meals such as this steak sandwich or his take on the classic Sayadiyeh!

4. Hadeel Marei - Ramadan in quarantine comedy series 
Hadeel takes us through her daily life under quarantine in a new comedy series on her channel featuring best friend and fellow creator Maha AJ.

5. Amr Wahba - Monologues in the time of quarantine 
Egyptian comedian and actor Amr Wahba brings his famous monologues and sketches to YouTube, with topics ranging from pop culture to how to stay fit while self-isolating.

6. Atyab Tabkha - Ramadan recipes with a twist
Follow young Saudi chefs as they take on dishes from around the world and give them a Saudi flavor. You will also find easy and healthy recipes to help you plan a delicious iftar!

Ramadan Series

1. Bint Soughan, Comedy
The series is set in a remote village in the UAE before the discovery of oil.  The show is about a group of troublemakers who are expelled from the village and their adventures as they move to a new neighborhood.

2. Waklinha Walaa 2, Comedy
Starring Hassan Al Raddad and Mai Salim, the comedy series follows the adventures of three families who live in the same building. The series also features several celebrity appearances by Fifi Abdou, Hisham Abbas, and Shady Alfons!

3. Shaabiyat Cartoon, Animated comedy
The popular Emirati animation series returns for a 14th season this Ramadan.

4. Welad Imbaba, Comedy
Farida Saif Al-Nasr, Samir Ghanem, and Saad El Soghayer  star in this comedy series which follows 15 siblings in Imbaba, a  neighborhood in Giza, who struggle as they try to divide their father’s inheritance.

5. Hawajis Abira, Comedy
Ahmad Al Ahmad and Karis Bashar star in this Syrian comedy series exploring the various personality types in marriages, from the incredibly loving to the incredibly paranoid.

6. Mayada W Wlada, Family comedy
A series starring iconic comedian Shukran Murtaja about a woman who copes with losing her husband with the help of her children and friends.

7. Ghafwat Al Quloob, Drama
A drama about a man who comes across evidence that would help save a man wrongly accused of murder. The series follows Abu Ayham who is forced to choose between his family’s financial comfort and saving a man sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit.

From all of us at YouTube, we wish you a Ramadan Kareem.