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YouTuber Sukkari’s 4 tips for wellbeing, balance and quality of life

Sukkari speaks with Nourah Alyusuf from the Quality of Life Program in KSA

Those of you who are familiar with my content on my YouTube channel Sukkari Life, know that I believe that wellbeing is foundational to our growth and health. Which is why I was excited to join in this conversation with Nourah Alyusuf, Director of Global Partnerships from the Quality of Life Program in Saudi Arabia.

I always had a notion of what quality of life meant and how to strive towards achieving a better balance in my life. But through this conversation I gained more insights into how we can work towards a better quality of life and safeguard our wellbeing. Here’s what I learned:

  1. There’s a time & a season for everything
    I’ve realized whenever I try to do it all at once, I end up not doing any of it. We often pressure ourselves to do everything at once, which means that we add additional pressure and stress to ourselves. However, Nourah says that if we accept that there’s a season for everything and we should give each season it’s right. For example, there are times when we need to focus on our education and our family, other times it's about unwinding and spending time with loved ones. We shouldn’t try to do it all at once.
  2. Make a choice and learn from it, regardless of the outcome

We know having options to choose from is a privilege. But sometimes a wealth of options and choices can overwhelm us and stop us from making a decision. In these moments, it’s important for us to make a choice, follow it through and learn from it. Whatever the outcome. Our experiences teach us to be stronger and more resilient, no matter the outcome.

Link to the full interview between Nourah Alyusuf and Sukkari Life

3. Take conscious breaks from technology
We live in a hyperconnected world and so it’s important for us to take time to disconnect and recharge to safeguard our wellbeing. And, it’s important for us to find a balance between the online world and the offline world. So, go for that walk, leave your phone behind and embrace nature.

4. Our community is our support system

Our cultural values mean that our community; family, friends and neighbors can offer support at times when we need a little extra hand. These are one of the values that we should hold on to and continue to teach our children.

You can hear more from our conversation by checking out the full episode on my YouTube channel or wherever you got your podcasts by looking for Hekayat YouTube. Until then, enjoy the episode!

Sukkari Life is a Saudi YouTube creatorand advocate for holistic & plant-based lifestyle.