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Mideast & North Africa


Hail your Uber or Careem from your Google Maps app

Back in March, we introduced a new way for people to find and compare the fastest ways to get around town by adding a new ride services tab when searching for directions in Google Maps. Today, Google Maps users in Egypt, UAE, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, and Morocco are now able to order both Careem and Uber without leaving the app.

A screen that shows how to order an Uber or Careem ride over Google Maps

This feature allows you to compare the fastest, most affordable ride near you, without having to download and open multiple apps. The ride services tab will appear alongside driving, transit, and walking directions. Just tap the icon and you’ll find fare estimates and pick up times from the two ride service partners, depending on driver availability. So the next time you find yourself with an appointment across the city, just open the Google Maps app on iOS or Android and take it for a spin.