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Google Assistant

Meet the Google Assistant: Available in Arabic to Saudi and Egypt

Google can help you get more done today than ever before. Whether it’s booking flights, finding cinema timings, or even embarking on a search that could lead to your next job opportunity, we want to help you do things that are important to you. When the Google Assistant launched in English in 2016, it became possible to talk or text with Google in a natural way, making it even easier to get things done.

Today, We are happy to announce that the Google Assistant is now available on both Android and iOS devices in Arabic in each of Saudi Arabia and Egypt, understanding both the Saudi and Egyptian dialects.

The Assistant is designed to be a companion that helps us get the most out of our mobile devices. It has a range of features that will enable people in Egypt and Saudi Arabia to do everything from hands-free calling, to finding directions, knowing the status of upcoming flights, or even playing music.

To activate the Assistant on your device, make sure you have the latest version of your operating system and the Google App. So long as your device language is set to Arabic, you can access the Assistant from the Google App  (Android, iOS) or from the Google Assistant App (Android, iOS).

You can summon the Assistant by saying “Ok Google” or holding down the home button on an Android phone, or by opening the Google App on an Android or iOS device.

What can the Assistant do in Arabic?
Starting today, you will be able to use the Assistant during the most pivotal moments of your day. Here are some examples:

You’re in the car and want to know the quickest way to get home. “Ok Google, what’s the fastest way home?”

A GIF that shows how Google Assistant can show you the direction of a place you are visiting

You’re reading about Injy Aflatoun’s work as an Egyptian activist and painter, wondering what her paintings were like. “Ok Google, show me images of Injy Aflatoun’s paintings”

A GIF that shows how Assistant presents pictures of paintings of an artist

It’s late and you want to make sure you wake up early for work tomorrow. “Ok Google, set an alarm at 9:00 AM”

A GIF that shows you how Assistant will be able to time the clock for you

The Assistant was designed to be both a useful and fun companion. The Assistant will be able to answer questions like “Sing me a song” or “Tell me a joke” , “Flip a coin”, drawing from iconic cultural moments such as plays, viral videos, and Arabic poetry.

The Google Assistant takes care of the simple tasks so you can prioritize what truly matters. Think of the Assistant as a companion you can speak to that helps get things done while you drive, work, or have dinner with friends and family. And this is just the beginning -- the Assistant will only get better with time, as it will continuously learn to be a better Assistant to Arabic speakers.

Posted by Mariam Khaled Dabboussi, Associate Product Marketing Manager for the Middle East and North Africa.