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An enhanced Search experience this Ramadan

In Ramadan, Google Googliat - Episode Seven - Our Challenge

But a few things remain the same, whether it’s preparing your favorite meal, slowing down to reflect, or even connecting with friends in these difficult times to wish them a Ramadan Kareem.  We try to make our products more helpful during the Holy month and this year is no different. Here’s a look at how Google can help you, your family and community this Ramadan.

Every year, we notice that many of  you come to Google for answers to your most pressing questions such as “when does Ramadan start?” or “what are prayer times in my city?”. We’ve been working on providing you with organized answers to these questions directly on the main Search results page, through an interactive Panel with tabs for greetings, news, videos, and more.

So whether you’re wondering when Ramadan begins or ends, or quickly looking for prayer times, or looking for a greeting card to send your friends, you will be able to find all this information in our interactive Panel after typing any Ramadan-related query on Google Search. You will also be able to see a count-down to the next prayer and direct links to Qibla Finder, a web-app by Google designed to help you find the Qibla wherever you may be using augmented reality.

Organize and delight with the Google Assistant in Arabic
This year, the Assistant will be celebrating Ramadan with us borrowing from the iconic tradition of Fawazeer (traditional riddles told during Ramadan) with a new feature that gives you a riddle every day of the month. Simply say, “Ok Google, give me a fazoora” and the Assistant will give you a riddle which you can try to solve. The Assistant will reveal the answer at midnight, along with the new riddle of the day.

GIF showing how to ask Assistant to find the Qibla using Qibla Finder.

You will also be able to ask the Assistant to find the Qibla using Qibla Finder. Simply say: “Open the Qibla Finder” and it will open the web-app for you. We also embedded Qalam, a library of customizable 3D calligraphy greetings, within the Assistant which generates beautiful Ramadan and Eid greetings for you by world-renowned calligraphists.

The Google Assistant, will also answer one of the most frequently asked questions we've seen during Ramadan over the years. Simply ask: “when is Iftar?” and the Assistant will answer you. Explore more features of the Google Assistant in Arabic here.

Cook, watch, and exercise at home with YouTube
Since last month, we saw a surge in YouTube creators in the Arab world uploading videos to help people stay entertained, fit, and healthy while at home as part of the #WithMe campaign. #WithMe videos will continue well into Ramadan. You will be able to discover more made-for-Ramadan content on the YouTube Arabia channel where we will highlight videos by creators about a range of topics, from Do-It-Yourself videos and recipes, to fitness and reading.

Connect with your loved ones on Duo
Last month, we made a series of improvements to Duo, our video calling product, which will help you have better quality conversations with up to 12 participants on one call.  We’re also rolling out Ramadan filters to make your conversations with friends and family even more celebratory.

We hope all the features we lay out for you in this blog help you take care of the little things and keep you informed and entertained this Ramadan. From all of us at Google, we wish you a Ramadan Kareem.