3 reasons to use AdMob rewarded video demand and mediation

Implementing in-app ads can be time-consuming and complicated, but with AdMob you can start integrating rewarded ads quickly and simply. Aside from making rewarded ads easy to set-up and available to everyone, we also incorporated other features that are unique to AdMob. Here are 3 reasons why you should be using AdMob rewarded video demand and mediation.

User Experience
Google’s rewarded video ad format is focused on delivering a great user experience. Rewarded ads offer users the choice to watch a video in exchange for an in-app reward, like a new life in a game. To do this successfully, this experience needs to complement rather than interrupt a user’s flow. With intuitive user prompts and clear options to opt-out, our rewarded ad format puts your user in control of their in-app experience.

Yield optimization
In order to ensure an optimal user experience and avoid ad blindness due to repetition, you need to ensure that you have a diverse set of ads to show users. Rewarded mediation allows you to manage multiple third party demand sources via one platform, in addition to Google demand. This helps ensure there is always an ad available to show and that the ad shown is also the most valuable. By choosing to work with multiple demand sources and managing them optimally, publishers can increase revenue through competition between sources.

Beyond that, our rewarded mediation solution gives publishers maximum control over their users’ rewarded ad experiences. Experimenting and optimizing the rewarded setup is easy with ad unit level configuration, which lets publishers try different, customized rewarded settings at different places in their apps. Server side settings mean there’s no need to republish the app after changes are made, so experimenting is easy.

Firebase Analytics

Using Firebase Analytics to analyse the effectiveness and impact of your rewarded ads is unique to AdMob. The first step is to check out the Firebase Audiences tab to segment your users in ways that are important to your business. It’s then possible to analyse the impact on the experiences of these different user segments.  Experimentation and understanding what resonates with your high value users is key to the success of rewarded.

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