4 reasons to use AdMob Native Ads Express

Implementing native ads in-app can be time-consuming and complicated, but with AdMob’s native ads express, you can start implementing native ads quickly and simply. We made native a cinch to use: available to everyone, easy to set-up, and able to be changed on the fly.
4 reasons to use AdMob Native Ads Express 1

Native ads express is designed for developers of all sizes, looking for self-serve, easy-to-launch native ad products. Here are four ways native ads will get you back to doing what you love, faster:

1. Implement native ads super fast.

An intuitive and user-friendly interface means you can create and style your ad, in the AdMob interface, very quickly. Choose from a variety of ad templates to get started, then customize them to fit within your app’s UI. You’ll be shown a variety of ad types, not just app install ads. Once you're done designing, just drop a few lines of code in your app to request your new native ads, and you're all set.

2. Get your creatives approved quickly.

If everything is within these policy guidelines, we can approve your ad creatives quickly.

3. Update your ads without having to update your app.

There’s no need for users to update the current version of your app to allow you to test different ad creatives. This makes A/B testing really simple. If you need to tweak the look and feel of your ads at any stage, you can do it easily from the AdMob interface, without needing to re-publish your app.

4. Preview your ad creatives quickly.

Need a dress rehearsal? Review your ads in your web browser, before they go live, without having to push code.

4 reasons to use AdMob Native Ads Express 2

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