8 Things You Didn’t Know About AdMob

We’re constantly improving our platform and want to keep you in the loop. Here are 8 things you might not have known about AdMob.

1. AdMob is more than a banner only network. 

AdMob taps into Google’s massive advertising inventory, which includes a variety of formats and also enables us to offer really high fill rates. Competitive CPMs combined with really high fill rates is a strong recipe for long term earning potential. 

2. Implementing AdMob won’t slow down your Android app.

AdMob’s SDK is integrated into Google Play services–if you’re in the Play Store, you’ve already integrated the AdMob SDK. Further, there are several simple ways to decrease Google Play services’ impact on APK size

3. There’s a clever way to make sure interstitial ads load instantly for users.

We allow, and highly recommend, preloading of interstitial ads right when a user logs in. It’s an interstitials best practice. If implemented right, there isn’t latency at all. 

4. Google Analytics is integrated into AdMob and works for more than websites.

Google Mobile App Analytics has been entirely re-imagined for mobile development. We measure what matters most at all key stages: from first discovery and download to in-app purchases. Best yet, Google Analytics is now fully available in AdMob. 

5. AdMob works across all major platforms.

AdMob works for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Great examples of succesful cross-platform AdMob users include and photo sharing app, Picsart. 

6. You can update CPMs automatically with AdMob. 

AdMob’s Network Optimization feature allows you to automatically update CPMs, helping you easily maximize revenue. This feature continually retrieves the freshest CPMs from each ad network based on historical performance and dynamically reorders them in your mediation stack. This ensures that the ad network with the highest CPM is served. 

7. You can mediate on AdMob. 

AdMob is a comprehensive mediation platform, supporting mediation of dozens of the top networks in the world. 

8. House ad campaigns are free.

You can run as many house ads as you’d like for free. You can read more here about how Japanese game developer, Colopl, has been very successful using interstitial house ads to promote in-app purchases. 

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8 Things You Didn’t Know About AdMob