AdMob helps Etermax crack the global games market

Question: Which trivia game has more than 160M downloads, making it one of the most popular apps in the world? Answer: Trivia Crack!

Máximo Cavazzani, founder and CEO of Etermax, describes his business as ‘a great ideas company’. One of those great ideas led to the creation of a game called Trivia Crack, and the company’s laser focus on user experience catapulted it to the top of the Google Play Top Apps list.

Based in Buenos Aires, the team worked closely with Google to build a global business, starting with Google Play to grow their users. Initially focused on Latin America, nowadays 60% of people who play the game are in the US. With so many users spending time in the app, Etermax needed an ad platform that could help them maximize the revenue opportunity with reliable fill rates and innovative ad formats. In May 2015, Etermax announced an exclusive ad monetization partnership with AdMob for iOS and Android versions of the app. Sneak a look into how Etermax builds great apps and works with AdMob in the video below. 

AdMob Case Study: Etermax

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