Almost time to share your feedback on AdMob

To improve our product and service, we send out a survey to our developers every 6 months. The next survey will be released over the coming weeks and we’re looking forward to getting your responses.

Thanks to your suggestions from our last survey, we’ve launched new features to improve our product and help you grow your earnings. These include launching in-app purchase house ad formats, allowing developers to create audience lists for re-marketing, introducing TrueView video ad interstitials and native ad formats. 

Provided we have the right email address for you and you’ve opted in to ‘occasional surveys’, you could get an email giving you access to complete the full survey. Please double check that: 

  • You’ve updated your contact details
  • You’ve opted into receive ‘occasional survey’ messages

Almost time to share your feedback on AdMob

Whether you’ve completed this survey before or you’re providing feedback for the first time, we’d like to thank you for sharing your valuable thoughts. 

We’re excited to get your feedback!