Announcing the Inside AdMob Blog—dedicated to mobile app success

The mobile app industry is booming. We spend more than half our time online each day using mobile apps. But according to Vision Mobile, over half of mobile app developers earn below the app “poverty line” of $500 per month (Developer Economics - State of the Nation Q3 2014).

Developers are diving into this new economy, creating thousands of new apps each day. But as a fairly new industry, it can be difficult to figure out how to make money once you’ve developed your app. At Google, we are developing tools and resources to make it easier for developers to monetize their apps. 

As part of this effort, and to help you get more insight into the mobile app industry, we’re launching this new blog. The AdMob blog will focus on global app trends, customer successes, and how developers can capitalize on this growing business. Filled with tips and tricks about how to make the most of Google’s mobile advertising tools, the AdMob blog will help guide you and teach you how to earn revenue for your mobile apps. 

To get started with your mobile app business, or to monetize your existing mobile app business, visit the AdMob website. Be sure to follou us on Twitter  or subscribe via RSS to take advantage of the latest news and tips on mobile app monetization. We can’t wait to see the amazing apps you build!