[New eBook] Download Making Money: The App Monetization Playbook

The future is bright for mobile apps and their developers, but the road to success isn’t always smooth. With challenges all along the way – in designing, developing, growing and monetizing mobile apps, the process can be overwhelming without the right tools and resources to help.

In a survey Google conducted last year, 25% of app developers had a hard time finding quality resources and support around monetization. That’s why we’re releasing a new eBook today called Making Money: The App Monetization Playbook.  

We are thrilled to help bridge that gap for app developers like you by providing a detailed map of Google's tools and resources. Whether you’re part of a large company building multiple apps or you’re just getting started building your first app on your own, you’ll find helpful tips and best practices that you can use right away. Download a free copy here.

[New eBook] Download Making Money: The App Monetization Playbook

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