Earn more this holiday season with engaging ad formats

engaging ad formats from google admob

The holiday season presents a great opportunity for app publishers to earn more from rising CPMs. This year, as consumers continue to spend more time in apps, it’s even more critical for publishers to optimize their monetization strategy. Finding the right combination of ad formats is key to maximize revenue while creating engaging user experiences. In this post, we’ll share some of the latest ad format innovations to help publishers achieve their goals. 

Unlock new placement with app open ads 

App open ads are a great way to monetize an app’s loading experience. They unlock a new ad placement opportunity when a user opens or switches back to the app. The format is specially designed to seamlessly integrate into these loading screens to maximize engagement. We first announced app open ads at this year’s Think Games event and have since enhanced its performance and usability with features like standardized publisher branding. Publishers who have implemented the latest version of app open ads have seen up to twice as much revenue. We’re excited to share that app open ads are now in open beta. To learn more and get started with app open ads, start here or reach out to your account manager. 

admob app open ads

Increase impressions and engagement with rewarded interstitial ads 

Rewarded interstitial is a new format that helps deliver more impressions with an engaging ad experience. It allows publishers to engage users who do not opt-in to traditional rewarded ads by offering meaningful in-app rewards for watching full-page interstitial ads. Rewarded interstitial can help deliver better monetization results in the following ways:

  • Increase overall ARPDAU by adding rewarded interstitials in new placements with contextual in-app rewards 

  • Improve engagement and retention by replacing interstitial ads with rewarded interstitials

  • Generate more impressions by replacing rewarded ads that have low opt-in rate with rewarded interstitials

Rewarded interstitial was  first announced at Think Games. The product is in closed beta. To learn more and get started with this ad format, start here or reach out to your account manager. 

admob rewarded interstitial ads

Optimize performance with adaptive banners

Adaptive banners offer an easy and effective way for app publishers to enhance the performance of banner ads. With the ability to return the optimal ad size tailored for each user’s device, adaptive banners can help publishers maximize the performance of banner ads with minimal coding.

Adaptive banners can be placed in two ways:

  • Anchored placement: banners will appear locked to the top or bottom of the screen. Adaptive anchor banners were first introduced in late 2019 and are now available for all publishers to use.

  • Inline placement: banners will appear in scroll view within app content. This is a new placement that is now available in closed beta.

To learn more and get started with adaptive banner ads, start here or reach out to your account manager. 

admob adaptive banner ads

Optimizing ad format strategy with the right combination and placement is key to earning more while creating engaging user experiences. As we approach the holiday season this year, we encourage publishers to consider integrating some of the latest formats from AdMob to maximize revenue.