Game developer Sohomob leverages AdMob mediation to grow revenue by 300%

Game developer Sohomob leverages AdMob mediation to grow revenue by 300%

Founded in 2011, Sohomob is a Hong Kong based company that’s well known for its successful mobile board game apps. They take pride in delivering high-quality games to users and focus on making the games beautiful, easy to use and functional. As a result, Sohomob’s games have attracted players from all over Asia, with Battle Ludo earning over 10M downloads.

“AdMob is the most comprehensive and reliable product in the market” - Daniel Ho, co-founder, Sohomob

The problem

To build a sustainable business, Sohomob needed a way to monetize its growing user base without interfering with social gameplay.

The solution

Turning to AdMob because of its reputation for global reach, Sohomob implemented a variety of ad formats including banners, interstitials and videos. To avoid interfering with gameplay, Sohomob showed ads only in between levels and at natural breaks. This helped them engage users without disrupting the gaming experience. Sohomob also leveraged AdMob mediation and ad network optimization to maximize earnings for ad placements. AdMob mediation allowed Sohomob to serve ads from multiple ad networks and ad network optimization enabled Sohomob to serve the highest paying ad from their mediation stack automatically.

The results

Adding AdMob mediation and enabling ad network optimization helped Sohomob increase its total revenue by 3X. After seeing so much success with AdMob, Sohomob decided to implement AdMob house ads and in-app purchase ads, helping them cross promote their apps and introduce in-app purchases to their users.

Sohomob is not stopping there, with the aim to build the largest social board game community in the world. To check out Sohomob’s success story, or any other of AdMob’s other success stories, visit the AdMob website. Until next time, be sure to stay connected on all things AdMob by following our Twitter page.