How Holaverse grew total revenue 10% with AdMob native ads

As developers, the challenge is in creating a beautiful experience for the user. AdMob native ads allows us to do that by delivering relevant ads in a format that matches the look and feel of our app. Such an experience was not possible before. Feng Xie
CEO, Holaverse


Shanghai-based app developer Holaverse’s app, Hola Launcher, achieved 100M downloads in just 9 months. A customization app, Hola Launcher lets users change the way their home screens look and behave. Users can add new functionalities that simplify their navigation process and choose from a vast library of themes and wallpapers to adjust their homescreen appearance. With so many users, Holaverse sought a way to monetize their growth.

The challenge

While Holaverse wanted to monetize, they wanted to do it in a way that was not detrimental to user experience. The challenge for them was creating a beautiful ad experience for users.

The solution

Knowing that AdMob has a great reputation for its global reach and industry leading fill rate, Holaverse decided to integrate AdMob into its app monetization strategy. Holaverse chose to monetize with native ads, because it delivered relevant ads in a format that matched the look and feel of their app. After working closely with the AdMob team, they were able to successfully implement native ads.

How Holaverse grew total revenue 10% with AdMob native ads

Native ad in HolaLauncher 

The results

Within one month of implementing AdMob native ads, Holaverse saw its total revenue increase by 10%. From just one native ad slot, they earned over 4K USD in a single day. AdMob’s global reach allowed Holaverse to reach millions of users around the globe, helping Holaverse maximize its revenue potential.

Thanks to AdMob, better monetization has also led to more growth for Holaverse, as it has doubled from a team of 60 to 120 in the past year. To learn more, read the full case study here.

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