Official AdMob video: implement interstitial ads in the right way to earn more revenue

When monetizing an app with ads, you want to make sure that you’re implementing them in the right way to create a positive user experience. AdMob developers, such as Raon Games, are discovering that interstitial ads are an effective way to monetize. These are full-screen ads appearing at natural transition points in an app.

However, with poor interstitial ad implementations, it's possible to see an increase in accidental clicks. This happens most often when users are not expecting an interstitial ad to appear on the screen (for example, in the middle of a game or on an exit screen). Sometimes we see poor implementations leading us to refund advertisers and disable ad serving until the issue is fixed.

Learn to implement interstitial ads the right way by watching our new best practice video.

AdMob Interstitials Best Practices - Official Video from Google AdMob

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