Introducing AdMob bidding, a new way to monetize

At AdMob, we’re dedicated to building simple and powerful tools that help developers earn more from their apps. It’s why we’ve steadily increased our investment in monetization solutions such as mediation groups and ad network optimization. But we aren’t stopping there.

Last week, we announced the closed beta of AdMob bidding -- a new way for you to grow revenue by maximizing the value you get from your various ad partners. Today, we're sharing more details on how bidding works and why developers and our industry partners are excited about it.

Earn more with real-time pricing

Say you’re selling a house. Would you sell it to the first person in line based on their estimated offer or would you collect all offers at the same time and sell to the highest bidder? You should be doing the same with ads in your app.

Bidding allows your ad sources to bid on each impression in real time. Unlike traditional mediation that uses historical data to prioritize networks and call them one at a time, bidding calls all participating networks simultaneously, enabling them to compete equally in a single, unified auction. For any given impression, the winner is always the highest paying advertiser because all networks get the same priority (including Google).

It’s simple–you win when more advertisers compete for the attention of your user at the same time.

Bidding ensure that the auction winner is always the highest paying demand source.

Maximize demand from Google’s real-time advertisers

Bidding is powered by the same technology used by the world’s leading publishers on Google’s DoubleClick platform. For more than ten years, DoubleClick has been connecting these publishers with thousands of advertisers looking to buy inventory in real-time across a variety of ad formats. Bidding brings the full benefits of this technology to AdMob to help you grow your revenue by letting all your networks and the real-time advertisers across Google’s demand sources compete in a unified auction.

Simplify operations and save precious development resources

Not only can you earn more with bidding, but you can also eliminate tedious tasks such as updating CPMs, integrating multiple SDKs, and managing billing cycles. Here’s how bidding works to keep your business running smoothly:

  • Real-time CPMs: Forget about manually updating CPMs. Bidding pulls in real-time CPM data directly from demand partners so you can save time, make more money, and eliminate costly mistakes. 
  • Simplified billing & payments: Unlike other solutions, we show you how various partners are doing in one centralized dashboard and we consolidate payouts from multiple partners so you have fewer things to worry about. 
  • Fewer SDKs: You now have the option to access demand from participating partners without adding new SDKs to your app -- all you need is the Google Mobile Ads (GMA) SDK.
Developers in the closed beta are already seeing benefits:

“One of the biggest challenges in monetization is managing the daily fluctuation of CPMs, when working with different networks. We’re excited to participate in bidding because it allows us to hit the highest CPM per request, thus optimizing revenue and leaving no money on the table.”   

 —Roy Tzayag, Head of Monetization, Ilyon Dynamics 

Bidding is already live with bids from Smaato, Index Exchange and OpenX. As the mobile ads industry embraces real-time auctions to get greater access to your valuable inventory, we’re looking forward to integrating even more networks, including AdColony, over the next few months. Want to test bidding? Contact your AdMob Account Manager to sign up for this closed beta.