Introducing Sawkward - home to the socially awkward

Since launching the AdMob Student Challenge 2016 in January, we’ve met with students at several universities, and have been thrilled to see that teams are already hard at work designing their apps. Last month, our Google Student Ambassadors hosted an event at James Madison University (JMU) in Virginia. They met a team working on a new social app called Sawkward, a tool to help you rediscover personal contact.

AdMob // Student App Challenge 2016

Sawkward helps people in social situations so they always knows what to say. It helps them gain access to suggestions for conversation starters, topics, and stories. Users can vote on their favorite suggestions (“Sawks”), and give their opinions or anecdotes. It’s goal is to help alleviate social awkwardness and connect its users with the people around them.

The team behind Sawkward are two seniors from JMU, Jon Romero and Josh Kay. As engineering majors, they usually find themselves to be more introverted, and often have a hard time finding what to talk about. Their mission with Sawkward is to give the less outgoing the tools needed to connect with their community in a more personal way.

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