Keep your Android apps nimble with the Google Mobile Ads Lite SDK

We understand how critical it is for apps to be lightweight. A lightweight app means taking up less space on a user’s phone, and faster loading on app launch. That’s why we’re committed to keeping the Google Mobile Ads SDK lean.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Google Mobile Ads Lite SDK, a lightweight Google Mobile Ads SDK that can be integrated in your Android app at a fraction of the size of the regular SDK. We also significantly reduced the number of methods, which will assist in keeping your method count low.

The Google Mobile Ads Lite SDK will help you continue earning money from your Android apps without compromising the size or speed of your apps. Here’s what one of our developers had to say about SDK Lite:

“At Holaverse, we pride ourselves on developing highly-optimized, lightweight mobile apps. Users spend less time downloading and more time enjoying the functionality and experiences we've crafted for them. When system resources or data bandwidth is limited, every byte saved is one more byte we can use to create and deliver greater value. The Android Google Mobile Ads Lite SDK allows us to do this, to do more, to effectively monetize our hard work with Google's powerful advertising solutions without adding unnecessary bloat to our apps, and without compromising our apps' user experience." - Xie Feng, CEO, Holaverse 

The Google Mobile Ads Lite SDK has the same capabilities as the standard SDK, but is specific for devices with Google Play Services. Developers publishing Android apps to an app store that is not the Google Play Store should use the standard SDK.

For more information about Google Mobile Ads Lite SDK, visit our developer documentation and stay connected on all things AdMob, follow our Twitter and LinkedIn pages.