Launching an app business? Watch our new video series of tips and tricks from successful developers

When you’re developing a new app you have lots of questions. What’s the best way to monetize? Should I launch in a test market first or everywhere? If you need help deciding, who you gonna call? Imagine you could pull up a chair next to industry experts and trusted developers who’ve done it before, and get their advice.

The App Developer Interview Series by AdMob begins today, offering bite-sized insights from top developers with millions of downloads between them, to help you be successful.

The first video of this six-part series, Getting Started, asks ‘What makes a good app idea?’. Following episodes will cover app funding, building, marketing, monetizing and growing your app business. Check the Inside AdMob blog each Wednesday for the next installment.

No. 1 Getting Started - The App Developer Interview Series by AdMob.

The App Developer Interview Series features...

Japheth Dillman, Chief Creative Officer, YetiZen

Japheth Dillman is the co-founder & Chief Creative Officer at YetiZen. He’s a veteran to the game space, having worked as an Executive Producer and Lead Designer at numerous studios, such as Digital Chocolate, Flying Wisdom Studios, BigPoint, Chugulu and Aftershock Innovations. Finding enormous success in mobile and social games, Japheth co-founded the YetiZen Game Accelerator program as Chief Creative Officer to help other startups find monumental success.

Kumar Mettu, Founder & CEO, Dexati

Kumar Mettu is the Founder & CEO of Dexati, a mobile entertainment company created in 2011. Kumar wears many hats at Dexati, from designing mobile apps, analytics, and building distributed systems that support apps, to recruiting and management. Before Dexati, Kumar was Senior Architect at Sunrun Inc. and Autodesk Inc.

Sébastien Borget, COO & Co-Founder, Pixowl

Sébastien Borget is the co-founder and COO of Pixowl. He currently manages Pixowl's 25-people international team and is supervising production and marketing of the studio's most popular title, The Sandbox (13+ million players), a pixel world builder game, awarded Best of 2012 games in the App Store!

Arthur Madrid, CEO & Co-Founder, Pixowl

Arthur Madrid is the co-founder and CEO of Pixowl. He is a serial entrepreneur and is managing Pixowl to build a worldwide mobile gaming leader. Previously, he founded Wixi, a web-based social media network where users interact by privately sharing media content.

Arie Abecassis, Co-Founder, AppStori

Arie Abecassis is the co-founder of AppStori, a crowdsourcing and funding platform for mobile entrepreneurs, and a Venture Partner at DreamIt Ventures. He also serves as an advisor to a variety of startups including SeatGeek, Adaptly and BiznessApps. His thoughts on tech and entrepreneurship have appeared in Mashable, VentureBeat and the Wall Street Journal.

Marvin Paul, Co-Founder, Capigami

Marvin Paul is the co-founder of Capigami, the start-up behind the leading shopping list app, Out of Milk. Out of Milk makes paper lists obsolete: users can make and share multiple lists and scan items, making shopping easier. Capigami was acquired in 2014. Prior to that, Marvin worked at Overgroup for almost six years as a Senior Software Developer.

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