Making native ads better for app developers

Advertising experiences on mobile are evolving quickly, providing developers with a wide variety of ad formats to help them make money from their apps. Now, when consumers are on a mobile device while waiting for a bus, getting some ‘me time’ at home, or countless other situations, they’re just as likely to be delighted by a video ad, as they are to click an interstitial ad and view a product that’s captured their interest.

Yet, mobile screens are small. Any content that’s poorly designed, or enters the app’s flow when a user least expects it, can disappoint users - and the same rules apply to ads. Native advertising has emerged as a way to create a more seamless ad experience on mobile, one where ads match the look and feel of an app’s design. It isn’t a new idea, yet it hasn’t been within reach of all developers; many of today’s native ad solutions require significant resources to implement and can be an ongoing burden that’s difficult to scale. Who wants to be writing lengthy code to serve ads instead of building the next killer feature in their app?

We want to make native ads better for developers, so today, we’re excited to announce the full launch of AdMob native ads express, an easier way to implement native ads in apps. Here’s what makes native ads express special:

  • It’s super-easy to get started. Choose a template from many different pre-defined templates available in the native ads express interface, customize it, and get a great-looking native ad in less than 5 minutes - that’s why it’s ‘express’. The code you implement in your app is kept to a minimum - it’s the same amount that you’d add to request a banner ad.
  • Ads go live in a flash. You can go live with native ads on the same day you start building them (as soon as your app is approved in the app stores). Our smart technology validates your customization of the ad to help ensure it meets our guidelines and provides a good experience for your users.
  • Optimize on a whim. Customize, tweak, and redesign the templates in native ads express through the AdMob interface, preview changes, and set your native ad unit loose without rewriting app code. Optimization is no longer a huge time commitment, so you can easily find the best performing native ad for your app. Some publishers using the beta version of native ads saw up to 4X higher CTRs than other ad formats in the same app. 
Making native ads better for app developers

Using the native ads express interface to choose an ad size and customize the ad colors 

Developers with millions of users, such as Linghit Limited and Cheetah Mobile and have already found success with AdMob native ads. Linghit Limited needed a way to monetize their Chinese Almanac Calendar app, Shunli, while retaining the great user experience the app is renowned for. They implemented AdMob native ads express and saw a 100% increase in daily ad revenue and a 114% increase in ad impressions.

“Native ads are more intuitive so we displayed them in more prominent positions within apps. We were able to view the effects on user click-through rates in real time based on the information in the ads backend. We could make quick adjustments to the native ads to maximize the effect of the ad.”  

Jinnee Lee, Vice President, Linghit Limited 

Cheetah Mobile implemented AdMob native ads for its popular Battery Doctor app, and saw its revenue increase 4X.

Making native ads better for app developers 2
AdMob native ads in Cheetah Mobile’s Battery Doctor app 

If you’re not showing native ads yet, here’s how you can get started with native ads express.

We’re also excited to share that AdMob is now used by more than 1M apps. We’re delighted that iOS and Android developers count on AdMob to build and monetize apps that users love. For Google advertisers, our large network of apps means marketers are able to reach more potential customers as they spend time on mobile devices.