Mediate rewarded video ads with AdMob Mediation

This week at the Game Developers Conference, we announced that developers can easily monetize apps with rewarded video ads from a number of ad providers in AdMob Mediation. Supported networks and platforms include AdColony, AppLovin, Chartboost, Fyber, Upsight, and Vungle, with more being added all the time. So if you’re a developer monetizing with these providers and using AdMob Mediation to do so, you can easily manage and optimize them through the AdMob interface.

What’s rewarded advertising?

Rewarded advertising has become a popular form of monetization. With rewarded ads, users are given the choice to engage with ads in exchange for in-app rewards. For example, in a gaming app, a user can watch a video to receive a power up after failing a level.

Features to help you optimize

You can already use AdMob Mediation to monetize apps using banner and interstitial ads. Now, you can enjoy the same powerful meditation tools for rewarded ads:

  • Ad network optimization - Earn more by automatically generating the highest CPM from your mediation stack. Ad network optimization looks at all the CPMs across the networks you’ve set up in AdMob Mediation and dynamically chooses the highest paying one from which to show an ad.
  • Frequency capping - Improve your user experience by setting frequency caps to make sure your users aren’t seeing the same ad again and again.

In addition, we’ve made it easy for you to experiment with rewarded ads with these features:

  • Server-Side Settings - We store reward and waterfall settings for each ad unit server-side so you don’t need to change your code to experiment with new configurations.
  • Ad Unit Level Configuration - Try different networks, network order or reward settings at different places in your app to optimize performance.
  • Reward Unit & Amount - You can use existing third-party settings or input your own values.
Mediate rewarded video ads with AdMob Mediation

When creating a new ad unit, you can choose your reward values and set your frequency cap

Here’s what our developers have to say about rewarded ads in AdMob Mediation:

Rewarded ads in AdMob Mediation has been running very smoothly and effectively since we launched it. On top of a complete management of the reward mechanics within the tool, it offers dynamic allocation of each ad request to the highest paying network.  

- Baptiste Chardon , Monetization Manager @ Ubisoft 

So far, I've connected 2 reward networks and AdMob has proved as reliable and stable as it is for standard display formats. A great push for my business!  

- Nicolas Sorel, Co-Founder and CEO of Magma Mobile (France) 

Not mediating yet? It’s easy to set up and takes very little time to manage. With AdMob, you can focus on building great apps while we do the hard work for you. Here’s how you can get started.

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