New AdMob tools help you build a smarter, faster mobile app business

There are many different ways for developers to make money from mobile apps. Paid downloads have been a popular choice among developers, but with only a third of users willing to pay1, increasingly apps are free Now, more and more developers are making money with in-app advertising and freemium models, with revenue for both growing over 70% from 2013 to 2014.2

That’s why today, at our annual I/O conference, we announced a set of tools to help you create smarter ways to monetize through segmentation, scale your business through reservations and integrate rich ad formats into apps more easily. 

Smarter tools for greater success As a developer, you want to know your most valuable users and be able to create different experiences for them in your app. Recently we launched the Audience Builder tool, powered by Google Analytics, that enables you to segment users based on how they are using your app. Now we’re announcing a new smart feature in beta, that enables you to define a list of users and show ads to them, while hiding ads from the rest of your users. For example, you might show ads to casual users, but hide ads from highly-engaged users who love sharing your app with their friends on social networks. If you’d like to be considered for this beta, please sign up here

New AdMob tools help you build a smarter, faster mobile app business

Targeting ads to an audience in AdMob

Smarter monetization should mean earning the most revenue possible, and AdMob’s free mediation tool has helped many developers run other mobile ad networks through the AdMob platform to simplify management and improve competition. Today we announced that AdMob mediation now supports 40 mediation partners, with 15 networks added in the past year alone. We're pleased to welcome Tencent GDT as our newest mediation partner, one of the largest mobile ad networks in China.

Helping you scale your app faster

Many app businesses with global reach and scale are growing very quickly in the ecosystem. These apps have dedicated sales teams who work with large advertisers to sell their inventory. Today, we announced a beta to support mobile app sales teams called AdMob Reservations. These sales teams will be able to take ad campaign bookings from advertisers they work with directly, upload ad creatives, and manage the delivery of these campaigns for free, using the AdMob platform. 

Fast-growing app developers are choosing AdMob to monetize. Last week, Etermax, who created one of the world’s most popular trivia games in Trivia Crack, became one of our newest partners

Making ad integration easier

We want to bring native ads to more app developers in a scalable way and with minimum fuss, so we’re improving our ability to serve these types of ads. In the coming months, we’ll be introducing Native Ads Express, a new way to take advantage of native ads that requires no custom engineering work by you. We know there are many developers who don’t have the resource to design a custom native ad that matches their app, but still want the flexibility that native ads offer. With this feature you can simply define the style of your ad using CSS, and AdMob serves the ad adhering to your specs. You can update the ad’s appearance on the fly by adjusting the CSS, so there’s no need to change your app’s native code when you want to test a different look. We have ads from millions of advertisers that can be styled in the way you want. 

We’ve already made great strides to help you integrate AdMob ads across platforms with plugins for games engines such as Unity and Cocos2d-x. Now, we’re excited to announce the integration of AdMob into Android Studio. This powerful new feature will let you quickly and easily create AdMob ad units as you build your app. 

New AdMob tools help you build a smarter, faster mobile app business 2

AdMob Ads Activity in Android Studio

At Google, we’re passionate about fostering successful app developers, and as the AdMob platform continues to grow, with over 650,000 apps, we’re continually working to give you the tools you need to build your app business, intelligently. Visit the AdMob website to get started, and put our new monetization tools to work in your apps. 

Lastly, if you’re interested in driving app installs and measuring campaign performance, see the latest exciting I/O announcements from our AdWords and Google Analytics teams.