Find answers fast with the new AdMob Help Widget

To make it easier for you to access help while you're using AdMob, we've added a new, built-in Help Widget. The Help Widget lets you easily search and read help center articles directly from within AdMob.

To use the widget, click the “Question Mark” icon

A pop-up will appear displaying help center content related to your current location in AdMob. You can also use the widget to search for other articles. Click any article you’re interested in, and it will still be shown inside the widget, all without leaving AdMob! Once you find your answer, you can leave the widget open on the side to easily follow the steps listed in the article. If you’re done using the widget, you can close it by clicking the “X” in the corner.

If you've been to the help center recently, you may have noticed a little box at the bottom of some of the pages. We've listened to your feedback and added a little human touch. In that box, you’ll find a picture of the “androidified” author of the article so you can get to know more about the people who worked on creating this content.

Next time you’re reading a help center article, don’t forget to scroll down to take a look at the author and maybe give them any feedback you might have. They'll be able to use your feedback to keep improving the article's content.