On the road with AdMob

It’s time to put on our boots, saddle up, and hit the road to meet with app developers at some great events. Over the next few weeks and months we’ll be at the Mobile Games Forum in Seattle, GDC Next in LA and many other events, so check out the schedule below. We hope to say howdy to you there, but if not, we’ll post any recordings of talks on Inside AdMob.

Mobile Games Forum, Seattle

On October 21, join Jeff Birnbaum, Head of Gaming Partnerships, at MGF where he’ll be discussing how game developers can monetize their apps effectively. As the gaming industry moves toward a hybrid of monetization models, such as ads and in-app purchases, how do you show the right screen to the right user at the right time?

Don’t miss the Google workshop at the NexGen Developer Day (co-located with MGF Seattle) for best practices from Derk de Korver, Strategic Partner Manager for Gaming, on app monetization, and Brent Dance, Americas Lead, Mobile App User Acquisition Strategy, on how to discover those high-value users. 

GDC Next & the App Developers Conference, LA

In our half-day Google workshop on November 3 at GDC Next, we’ll be tackling some of the key challenges that app developers face today. With focused workshops on analytics with Russell Ketchum, Google Analytics PM, monetization with Alejandro Manchado, US Games Partnerships Lead, and finding users with Alex Valle, Apps Global Product Lead, we’ll be sharing insights on how to be successful.

Open Mobile Summit, San Francisco

Join Jonathan Alferness, Google’s Director of Mobile Display Ads, on November 10, at OMS. He’ll give Google’s perspective on the mobile apps industry and updates on the advertising products we’re building to help connect developers with users.

GMIC Silicon Valley, San Francisco

At GMIC on December 1-3, mobile app developers can get access to technical deep dives as well as business strategy. Our talk will focus on mobile app monetization and the different tactics game developers can employ to give each user a customized experience.

Game Monetization Summit, San Francisco

We’ll be joining many of the top app developers at the Game Monetization USA Summit on December 4-5 to discuss the hot topics propelling the industry forward. Alejandro Manchado, US Games Partnerships Lead, and Fontaine Foxworth, Google Analytics PM, will discuss how to understand the best methods to keep users coming back to your game, and having them monetize in their own time.