Bring users back to your app with push notifications

With one simple sentence, a push notification can bring users back to your app more often. If you design notifications with your users in mind, you’ll build loyalty, increase your regular active users and earn more revenue.

It’s easy to design a push notification experience that your users look forward to. Follow these 3 principles and you’ll be pushing in the right direction. 

Bring users back to your app with push notifications

1. Valuable

Users love your app for a reason: you took the time to craft a great experience. Extend that experience outside your app by using push notifications to alert users to something of value, like a special offer, to bring them back again and again. 

2. Personal

Rather than broadcasting one message to all users, be data-driven. Send different notifications according to the user’s time zone, location or past behaviour. Get permission from users: let them control what notifications they’d like to get and how often they’ll receive them. Sending notifications too often could bother users. 

3. Actionable  

Keep title and text short, with one action per notification. Test and measure which notifications result in the most app opens. 

Bonus tip: You can manage push notifications and more for free with the powerful Google Cloud Messaging API.

% of app users that would start using an app again given prompts*: 30% Discount or coupon 24% Exclusive or bonus content 16% Notification of new features

Bring users back to your app with push notifications 2

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