Re-engage your users with an app update

When was the last time you updated your app? According to a VentureBeat study, 60% of apps are never updated after release1. Plus 4 in 5 app users prefer updates at least weekly or monthly2. A new, improved version of your app could re-engage inactive users and reignite your app’s success.

App Update Checklist


  • Read your app reviews
  • Ask your users for feature ideas
  • Understand where users are dropping off or exiting your app
Key report: Google Analytics Behavior Flow 


  • Identify technical errors in your app
Key report: Google Analytics Crashes and Exceptions (Android / iOS

Re-engage your users with an app update

It’s good practice to update your app as often as your schedule permits – aim for once a month at the very least. Once your update is released, remember to describe what’s new in your app.

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1 Source: Mobile User Acquisition: How the most successful developers get better users for less money, VentureBeat, 2014 2 Source: AdMob & Parks Associates Research, 2014