Share your thoughts on AdMob, AdSense, and other Google developer and publisher solutions

Your thoughts and suggestions play a key role in shaping our publisher and developer offerings. That’s why we’re looking forward to hearing from you in our semi-annual survey launching on November 4th. Make your voice heard by sharing your thoughts, and help us provide you a more useful and impactful publisher experience.

The feedback collected from this survey is closely reviewed to help determine our product roadmap. Thanks to your suggestions last time around, we’ve launched a number of new features and improvements to grow your earnings and improve our service. On AdMob, this included launching a more user-friendly interface, integrating Google Analytics into the new AdMob, and improving revenue tools to include Ad Network Optimization.

To take part, please take the following steps as soon as possible:

  • Update your contact details in your AdMob account
  • Update your email preferences to receive ‘occasional survey’ messages
Whether you’ve completed this survey before or you’re providing feedback for the first time, we’d like to thank you for taking the time to tell us how we’re doing. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback.

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