Tips for Monetizing Your App in 3 Huge Markets in Asia

As the world becomes more connected, new monetization opportunities may begin to surface outside of your home country. This is part one of our series exploring markets around the world, providing practical tips on how you can grow your business.

1.4 billion smartphone users are estimated to be in Asia by 2019 – more than all users in other regions combined. 1 Its unique culture, large base of engaged app users, and growing monetization opportunities make Asia a key region to expand to. Here are tips for monetizing your app in some of Asia’s largest countries.


When expanding to China, consider investing in a quality translation and localization. 53% of users in China are likely to experience poor app localization. 2 You’ll be able to stand out by providing a polished translation. Be mindful that simplified Chinese is commonly used for users in mainland China, while Traditional Chinese is used more often in Hong Kong and Taiwan.


When localizing your app for the Japanese market, consider polishing your user interface to account for the charming aesthetics popular in the market. Marked by well-illustrated stories, engaging goals, and Kawaii (cute) character themes, Japan’s creative preferences are often unique. Check out the “Big in Japan” category in Google Play to see Japan’s charming style in action.


When localizing your app for India, you may be able to successfully test your app in the region using your English version before investing in a thorough translation. While Hindi is the most popular language in India, 57% of the population in urban areas use English to browse the Internet, providing a significant base for you to see if your app resonates with the Indian market. 3

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