Tips for Monetizing Your App in the Two Largest Markets in the Americas

There’s lots of opportunity to expand your app outside of your home country. This is part two of our series exploring markets around the world, providing quick tips on how you can grow your business.

The Americas is a massive market for your app with nearly one billion people across major cities including New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, São Paulo and Buenos Aires. 1 The small number of languages spoken by the majority of the population - English, Spanish, and Portuguese - can help you scale fast. Check out these app monetization tips in the region’s two largest countries; Brazil and the US.


When expanding to Brazil, consider displaying video ads in your app. It’s becoming an increasingly popular media type across the country. Last year, online video views nearly doubled, rising from 17.5% to 30.6%. 2 Additionally, the number of mobile video impressions grew 529.8% in the 2nd quarter of 2015 from the year before. 3

Also, keep in mind that Brazilian Portuguese is significantly different from European Portuguese. It’s important to identify which region you are targeting when consulting with your translation service.

United States

You may be more successful if you offer a free version of your app when expanding to the US, rather than a paid version. According to App Annie, all of 2015’s top 10 grossing app companies in the US offered free apps. 4 54% of US app users said that they only download free apps, and only 7% of users “commonly” spend on apps that cost $6.99 or more. Additionally, 76% of US users said cost as a ‘very important’ factor in deciding between several apps of the same type. 5

If you enjoyed these tips, check out these case studies featuring how developers have succeeded in the US, Brazil and Argentina.

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