Viewability Spotlight for Sellers: Best practices for improving ad viewability

Increasing the total number of viewable ad impressions has been shown to improve the performance of ads on sites and apps and increase advertiser satisfaction. To help publishers and app developers increase the likelihood that their ads will be measured as viewable, we're excited to share the viewability spotlight infographic. It contains a dozen technical best practices for improving viewability across four categories based on insights from Active View, Google's MRC-accredited viewable impression measurement technology.

The infographic covers how to:

  • Enable viewability measurement
  • Optimize for speed and responsiveness
  • Lay out ads for optimal viewability
  • Load ads and content for optimal viewability

Publishers and app developers across the globe have been able to seamlessly measure viewability, at no additional charge, with the launch of Google’s Active View technology in DoubleClick for Publishers, DoubleClick Ad Exchange, AdSense and AdMob. The tips in the viewability spotlight infographic can help you go beyond simply understanding viewability rates to optimizing viewability on your site or app so that all of your impressions are viewable.

These insights and recommendations come from our services teams that have spent thousands of hours working with publishers and developers to improve advertising outcomes. 

Download your copy of the viewability spotlight infographic now.