Why we try, buy and say goodbye to mobile games

Today, everyone is a gamer. With smartphones as a constant companion, consumers have easy access to all kinds of mobile apps – and they love to play games. From puzzles, casino, arcade and adventure games, they play whenever they have a free moment. According to AppFigures, in 2014, games was the fastest-growing category in the Google Play Store.

As a developer, understanding why people choose to interact with certain games is the key to success. Understanding this behavior can be the difference between a hit game or a download dud. Let’s take a look at some of the latest industry trends we’re seeing.

How users discover new apps

According to a recent survey with Google/Ipsos, Consumer Mobile Apps Study in 2014, 27% of smartphone app users rely on search engines to find a new app. Search advertising is a key way for you to get your apps discovered and grow your audience.

Why users download games

There are various reasons why someone might download a new game. But according to the same survey, 60% of gaming app users downloaded a gaming app simply because it sounded interesting and fun. Engaging app listings and positive reviews will help you capture their attention.

Why users try games

Consumers love getting things for free. We found that 67% of gaming app users prefer free games supported by ads, rather than paying to download the app. They also love their snack-sized entertainment, with 78% playing games simply to kill time. 

Why users stop playing

On the flip side, 61% of game app users say that the reason they quit an app is because they’ve lost interest in it, with 58% of game app users going so far as to uninstall the app after it fails to hold their attention. 

Use analytics to help you understand the consumer’s experience in your app – are they experiencing crashes, getting stuck at a certain level, or is something interrupting the flow of the game – so you can give them a better experience and keep them coming back. 

We’ve compiled these stats and insights in this easy-to-share infographic below. Also, you can visit to learn more about our integration with Google Analytics in AdMob to monetize intelligently. 

Why we try, buy and say goodbye to mobile games

Research Methodology - Google/Ipsos, Consumer Mobile Apps Study, 2014

Google partnered with Ipsos MediaCT on the Mobile Apps Consumer Research to uncover consumer smartphone app acquisition and usage behaviors. Online survey was conducted Sep. 12-22, 2014 among 8,470 smartphone users aged 18-64 who have used any smartphone apps in the past 7 days and have used Entertainment, Finance, Gaming, Local, Retail, Social, Tech, or Travel apps in the past 30 days.