How Google's leaders see technology, our industry and the world.
  • Caesar Sengupta
    General Manager & VP, Payments and Next Billion Users

    Caesar Sengupta

    I lead Google's efforts in Payments and to engage the next billion internet users by building products and features for them like Google Pay, Files, Google Station and more. I joined Google in 2006.

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  • Eve Andersson
    Director of Inclusive Machine Learning & Accessibility Engineering

    Eve Andersson

    I joined Google in 2007, and lead our accessibility efforts, building technology for people with disabilities and working across the company to ensure our products work for everyone.

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  • Kate Brandt
    Sustainability Officer

    Kate Brandt

    As Google’s Sustainability Officer, I lead sustainability across our worldwide operations, products and supply chain, coordinating with data center, real estate, and product teams to ensure the company capitalizes on opportunities to strategically advance sustainability.

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  • Kapil Parakh
    Medical Lead, Google Fit

    Kapil Parakh

    I’m passionate about using technology to improve health. As Google Fit’s Medical Lead, I work with designers, engineers and organizations like the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association to build products that are grounded in science.

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  • Catherine Courage
    VP, Ads & Commerce User Experience

    Catherine Courage

    I’m passionate about building products and services that create customer delight, adoption and loyalty. As VP of Design and User Experience for Google Ads, Commerce, and User, I define the experience across these products.

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  • Frederik G. Pferdt
    Chief Innovation Evangelist

    Frederik G. Pferdt

    I believe creativity exists in all of us, and I'm passionate about strengthening this innate inventiveness. I joined Google in 2010, and today I lead a community of Innovation Evangelists to create a culture where innovation can thrive.

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  • Lorraine Twohill
    Senior Vice President, Global Marketing

    Lorraine Twohill

    I joined Google in 2003, and now lead our global marketing team, responsible for bringing Google’s products to life for our users all over the world.

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  • Aparna Chennapragada
    VP, Google Lens and AR

    Aparna Chennapragada

    I joined Google in 2008. Over the last decade, I've led teams and built products that help users in their daily lives through Google Search to YouTube to the Assistant. I currently lead Google Lens and other Camera-first experiences at Google.

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  • Kent Walker
    SVP of Global Affairs

    Kent Walker

    I work at the intersection of technology, policy and legal issues. I joined Google in 2006, and today I oversee the company’s engagement with governments around the world, content policies, and philanthropic efforts.

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  • Mary Ellen Coe
    President, Google Marketing Solutions

    Mary Ellen Coe

    I lead Google's team that works to help small and medium businesses get online and grow. This mission is personally near and dear to me as I come from a family of small business owners.

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  • Parisa Tabriz
    Director of Engineering

    Parisa Tabriz

    As a director of engineering, I help to make Chrome a secure, stable and useful tool for browsing the web across all devices. I also manage the Project Zero offensive security research team and am affectionately known as Google’s Security Princess.

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  • Melonie Parker
    Global Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    Melonie Parker

    As Google’s Global Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, I’m responsible for advancing our employee engagement strategy. My mission is to help make Google more reflective of the world around us.

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  • Rahul Roy-Chowdhury
    VP, Chrome and Chrome OS

    Rahul Roy-Chowdhury

    I joined Google in 2007, and now oversee the Google Chrome and Chrome OS teams, working to build a better web and better computing for everyone, everywhere.

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  • Richard Gingras
    VP, News

    Richard Gingras

    As vice president of News, I guide Google’s strategy for surfacing news content across our products, and oversee our efforts to enable a healthy, open ecosystem for quality journalism, including the Google News Initiative. I am a member of the Knight Commission on Trust, Media, and Democracy.

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  • Scott Huffman
    VP, Engineering, Google Assistant

    Scott Huffman

    With more than 20 years of experience in search and conversational understanding, I lead engineering for the Google Assistant. I got my Ph.D. in computer science, where I focused on AI and machine learning, and have authored dozens of academic papers in natural language processing.

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  • Clay Bavor
    VP, Virtual and Augmented Reality

    Clay Bavor

    I joined Google in 2005. Since then I've been involved with a number of projects across the company—including co-creating Google Cardboard, and leading Google's VR and AR projects since 2014.

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  • Urs Hölzle
    Senior Vice President, Technical Infrastructure

    Urs Hölzle

    I joined Google in 1999 as the first vice president of engineering. Now, I oversee Google’s technical infrastructure, including making that infrastructure available to developers around the world through Google Cloud.

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