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Explore Victoria’s treasured national parks with today’s Google Doodle

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January 26 holds different meanings and memories for Australians. You might be solemnly reflecting on our history, firing up the barbie – or perhaps, it’s just an ordinary day.

Whatever your walk of life, what binds all Australians is our love of our nature. Our bush, our parks, oceans and wildlife have shaped us – both physically and culturally.

Last year, our Doodle celebrated our big blue backyard, the Great Barrier Reef. Today, we’re continuing our Street View journey to Port Campbell National Park and Twelve Apostles Marine National Park. With guidance from Parks Victoria, today’s Doodle celebrates the unique terrain, flora and fauna of these precious parks.

Located along the southwest coast of Victoria, the park’s cliffside viewpoints overlook its most iconic sight: seven pillars of stacked limestone, battered by wind and waves, that rise above the crashing surf. Below the surface is a seascape of canyons, caves, arches, and fissures – which are home to marine life such as sea urchins, lobsters, and abalone.  On the beach, visitors may spot the rare hooded plover at the water’s edge – one of many endemic species found only in Australia. Today’s Doodle depicts a trio of hooded dotterels and is framed by the vibrant, endemic purple clover glycine.

However you choose to spend today, we invite you to click on the link below today’s Google Doodle to explore the trails, cliffs and vistas of Port Campbell National Park and Twelve Apostles Marine National Park on Street View.