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Australian students prepare for the jobs of the future at Google

Students take part in the Google Careers with STEM event

Ten years ago, jobs like AI Prompt Engineer, Driverless Car Engineer and Big Data Scientist didn’t exist. In 2014, when the first ever Careers With STEM: Technology magazine was launched, these were considered the jobs of the future. Today, those jobs of the future are here, and the 2014 student readers are now working at the forefront of technological change and shaping our country’s future.

The world of work has changed considerably in the last 10 years, impacted significantly by the pandemic and more recently with the development of generative AI technologies. We’re already seeing the potential of these new technologies to strengthen our economy and make progress on complex challenges from climate change to healthcare. More than ever, it’s essential that students have opportunities to learn the foundational concepts of computational thinking and problem solving skills to be ready for the next frontier of technological advancements.

Students take part in the Google Careers with STEM event

Today, alongside Refraction Media, we are launching the 10th edition of the Technology magazine. To celebrate, earlier this week we invited one hundred and twenty students to Google for a Careers in STEM Showcase, where they had the opportunity to meet STEM professionals from academia and industry. Students were able to hear directly from Google’s engineers, Cyber experts and AI specialists about how they got started in their careers - and their thoughts on the jobs of the future.

“Careers with STEM’s aim is to inspire students to pursue courses and careers in STEM while showcasing diversity and challenging stereotypes around what these jobs look like and who can do them.” says Karen Taylor-Brown, co-founder, Careers with STEM. “Through the STEM + X formula - where ‘X’ is a student’s interest or goal - we aim to diversify the talent pool for tech and show students that technology is part of a majority of the careers of the future.”

We’ve been partnering with Careers With STEM for 10 years now, working to provide role models in technology for students all over Australia and New Zealand. Most kids don’t have a parent or someone in their life working in a tech job. It’s hard to see how they fit in or what kind of opportunities exist for them. By providing these magazines to every high school across both countries, we hope students find someone they relate to and see the possibilities for their future. We want every student to have an opportunity to engage with STEM and we hope the technologists of the future will reflect the society that we live in.

The 10th edition of Careers With STEM: Technology is now available for all to read on the Careers With STEM website and will be arriving at schools later this week so make sure to take a look.