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AI to drive $280 billion in growth for Australia and help solve national challenges

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At least seven out of 10 Australians see the role of AI in areas such as medical breakthroughs or climate change as important to society. This aligns with new research by Access Partnership, which shows the potential of AI to contribute $280 billion of economic benefits to Australia in 2030, strengthen cybersecurity, and enhance our resilience to climate change.

This new analysis forms part of Google Australia’s 2024 Economic Impact Report, launched today. The report also details the different ways Google has been responsibly developing and deploying AI products and services to help Australians and businesses, resulting in economic benefits of nearly $71.6 billion in 2023.

The report outlines the vast AI opportunity for Australia and how it can be harnessed to:

  • Boost Australian businesses: $280 billion of economic benefits are expected for businesses in 2030 if they adopt AI-powered products and tools to improve and streamline their operations, gain new customer insights and identify new market opportunities.
  • Strengthen our cybersecurity: By utilising and deploying AI-first approaches, such as detecting patterns in cyberattacks and scanning for threats in real-time, businesses can prevent cybercrime losses to the value of $6.7 billion in 2030.
  • Improve our response to climate change: AI can help Australia better prepare for and respond to climate change-related disasters, potentially preventing $3.9 billion worth of property damage in 2030.
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Google’s economic impact in Australia

With a diverse team of more than 2,000 engineers, researchers, sales people, and others, across Australia, Google is committed to helping drive economic growth and creating a better digital future for all Australians. In 2023, our AI-powered products and services contributed $71.6 billion in economic benefits to Australian businesses and households. We're also helping to build a greener future, with Google Maps users collectively saving over 900,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions by optimising their travel routes — that's equivalent to taking 202,600 cars off the road. Keeping Australians safe online continues to be a focus for us, and in 2023, our Gmail cybersecurity measures prevented $327 million worth of losses, while Google Play Protect blocked 8 million malware installations.

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Using AI to help Australian businesses reach new audiences

In 2023, Google supported 187,400 jobs in Australia by helping businesses expand through their use of our digital services. Tools like Google Search, Ads, and Cloud generated $53.4 billion in economic activity for businesses nationwide, with small to medium-sized businesses benefiting to the value of $30.6 billion.

Australians are already embracing AI, with four in 10 using generative AI at home and work, according to Access Partnership research. AI-powered Google Workspace solutions are helping with productivity, saving employees an average of 28 workdays per year.

One business using Google’s AI to help them expand their reach and streamline operations is the online innovative law firm LegalVision. They have used Google Ads AI-powered tools to help them reach new audiences both locally and internationally, and make better data-driven decisions, with around 85% of their clients now coming through online channels developed on the platform. They are experiencing 30% year on year growth, with a significant portion of this being attributed to Google’s digital platforms.

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How AI is helping Australians with everyday tasks

AI is not just helping businesses grow, it’s also also helping Aussies in their daily lives, making tasks more efficient, convenient, and accessible. Google AI-powered products, like Google Search providing helpful information, Google Maps finding the fastest route, or Google Drive organising your files, are already delivering significant benefits to Australians. In fact, in 2023, our products helped provide $18.2 billion in economic benefits to households, averaging $690 per internet user in Australia.

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Building a responsible digital future

Google has been contributing to Australia’s digital landscape for more than 20 years. Our products, like Google Maps, make daily life easier for millions of Australians, and programs like our Google Career Certificates help people learn new skills. We also help businesses across the country grow, innovate, and connect with new audiences.

Through our $1 billion Digital Future Initiative, we're collaborating with organisations like CSIRO on projects that tackle critical challenges such as climate change, using AI. We recognise the potential of AI to drive economic growth, and are committed to using and deploying AI responsibly. By working closely with businesses, industry leaders, and government, we can use AI to create a better digital future for all Australians.

You can read more about the findings in Access Partnership’s report.