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Helping teachers develop the next generation of technologists

Teachers transform the lives of young Australians every day. This is why it’s so important that Australian teachers, everywhere, have the knowledge and access to the resources they need to equip their students for the future.

Google is committed to ensuring that teachers are supported to teach digital technologies to all students. The Google Educator Professional Development grants program is focused on teachers who have not historically had access to professional development, particularly those teachers in regional and rural areas.

Through these grants, teachers will gain the knowledge and skills to confidently teach those core computational thinking concepts and help students become the next generation of technologists.

To date, over 20,000 have benefited from Google’s Educator Professional Development Grants program across Australia and New Zealand.

We’re excited to announce the 2022 grant recipients for Australia:

Google is committed to building a stronger digital future for all Australians and equipping teachers with the resources and knowledge they need is a huge part of that.

These teachers will help and encourage students to solve the big problems and create the technology of the future.

We look forward to seeing the important impact they will have in their communities.