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Safer Internet Day 2020: Ten tips to help you and your family stay safe online

Safer Internet Day provides a timely reminder to check your privacy settings and speak to your family about staying safe online. Below are some simple tips for you to create stronger passwords, manage your settings, and browse the Internet securely.

1. Take control of data saved in your Google Account 

You can find your info, privacy, and security settings all in one place – your Google Account gives you transparency over data collected from your activity across Google services.

2. Choose the settings that are right for you with Privacy Checkup 

In just a few minutes, you can manage the types of data we collect, update what you share with friends or make public and adjust the types of ads you would like us to show you with Privacy Checkup.

3. Take the Security Checkup 

A step-by-step tool to give you personalised and actionable security recommendations to help you strengthen the security of your Google Account.

4. Manage your ads preferences with Ad Settings 

In Ad Settings, you can control what data is used to personalise ads to you.

5. Take your content anywhere with Download Your Data Your photos

Your emails. Your contacts. Even your bookmarks. You are in control of the data saved in your Google Account. That is why we created Download Your Data – so you can make a copy, back it up, or even move it to another service.

6. Create family rules about what to share 

Set clear expectations for your family about what not to share online, like photos or private info.

7. Establish boundaries for your children online with Family Link 

Family Link helps parents manage their child's Google Account and Android device so they can set digital ground rules that work for their family. You can keep an eye on screen time, limit daily access, remotely lock your child’s device.

8. Set a timer on YouTube Kids 

To put limits on how long your kids can spend watching videos with YouTube Kids and allow them to watch only collections of channels selected by trusted third parties or the YouTube Kids team.

9. Manage your child’s access to websites with Chrome 

You can manage your child’s access to websites when they are using the Chrome browser on their Android or ChromeOS device and block sites that you don’t want them to visit.

10. Discover our safety programs

The eSmart Digital Licence program, provided by the Alannah and Madeline Foundation with funding from Google. helps to prepare children for the best and worst of the web.

To find out more, visit the Google Safety Centre for updated resources, easy security tips and information dedicated to educating and empowering people on important topics like data security, privacy controls and how to use technology in a way that is right for your family.

Safer Internet Day aims to raise awareness about online safety and encourages everyone to help create a better internet. We hope that you take the opportunity today and regularly throughout the year to use these tools to stay safe online.