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A Year On YouTube in Australia: 2023’s Top Trending

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When reflecting on 2023, there is really only one thing I can say – Go Tillies! The Matildas had the whole country holding our collective breath for almost a month, so it is no wonder their shootout with France (#5) made it into the top 10 trending videos on YouTube this year.

Rihanna (#1) and Adele (#7) also delivered iconic pop culture moments and showed us they can happen anywhere, whether that’s a stadium or a car. While UK creator collective Beta Squad tried to convince Australians they were Aussies, with very little success (#4).

I would also love to shout-out 4WD 24-7 who continue to explore the natural beauty of this country. The channel was a Top 5 creator in 2021, and this year reached #8 with their cinematic long-form content.

But Australian content isn’t just big in our own backyard. Australian group GLITCH broke through this year with their psychological dark comedy, The Amazing Digital Circus, securing them a place in international lists.

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Top 5 Australian Music Videos

Looking to the Australian artists that locals love, hip hop continues to dominate in AU – with Onefour (#1) appearing in the list for the last four years, and topping it this time around. BROTHERS came in second, while Hooligan Hefs (#4) and The Kid LAROI (#5) round out this year’s top 5, after also appearing in three out of the last four years. And while many might recognise The Kid LAROI from high profile collabs with Justin Bieber, or Jung Kook and Central Cee – there’s a lot of love shared between these local artists too. The Kid LAROI and Onefour collabed in 2020 and performed together earlier this year.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that our pop princess Kylie Minogue rounds out the list coming in at number three with her hit Padam Padam - her 23rd music video to generate more than 10 million views on YouTube. Turns out Australians (and the rest of the world) can’t keep her out of our heads.

Top 5 Australian Creators

While over 90% of watch time on content produced by channels in Australia comes from outside of Australia, homegrown creators still hold a special place in locals hearts. And making the Top 5 this year are creators with a mix of interests and content. LazarBeam (#5) is one of the biggest gaming creators in the world, whose loveable larrikin nature wins him audiences at home too.

YBS Youngbloods (#2) and Andy Cooks (#1) both appear for a second year in a row, with Misfit Minds (#3) and I did a thing (#4) closing out the Top 5. All these creators have another thing in common – a strong mix of Shorts and long-form content.

Top 5 Breakout Australian Creators

Vindooly took out the top spot this year, with Site Inspections in second.

These creators found quick success this year, thanks in large part to Shorts. 22-year old entrepreneur Bridey Drake (#3) is the perfect example of this – not only using the platform to share news on her pyjama business, but also building a community with her mini vlogs.

One of my personal favourites this year is Vinh Giang (#4) – he’s knowledgeable, charismatic and passionate! Vinh is a public speaking coach whose content helped me sharpen my own presenting skills when I took to the stage earlier this year. Thanks for the tips Vinh!

GLITCH, having a breakout year, took out the fifth spot for 2023.

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