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Personal Stories: A Letter from Sophie Jayne

Image of Sophie Jayne with text saying Personal Stories: A Letter from Sophie Jayne

At YouTube, we cherish the transformative power of stories. Stories connect, inspire, and unite people worldwide, especially in the realm of mental and physical health, where medical issues can be isolating and the journey to wellness can feel like an individual battle.

People grappling with the reality of living with a health condition, especially a chronic one, often come to YouTube with a very human question: how do I live with this? And not only are they looking for information, but they are also searching for support.

Sophie Jayne is someone who came to YouTube craving community, and has been sharing her own story on the platform for over five years. We invited her to tell us a little more and received a beautiful letter where she talks about her journey on YouTube that mirrors the diversity of life itself — from the joys of food, travel, and friendship to the challenges of navigating mental health — and the profound impact the platform had in creating a supportive community where personal stories become beacons of hope and understanding.

To watch even more stories, now available in Australia is YouTube’s Personal Stories shelf – which amplifies the voices of creators who proudly share their personal experiences, fostering a community that celebrates the highs, navigates the lows, and collectively contributes to the narrative of destigmatizing mental and physical health.

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Hey everyone!

I’m Sophie (but please call me Soph), a 24-year-old YouTube creator who's been on this wild ride since 2017 and made it my full-time job 2 years later (which I still need to pinch myself over). From food and travel to books and the rollercoaster of life, my videos are like visual diaries, capturing the ups, downs, and everything in between.

It started with a passion for filming, editing, and sharing my life that has genuinely always been so fun to me. I was inspired by all the OG YouTube creators I followed and I remember just being obsessed with following people all around the world who shared similar interests.

Quote from Sophie Jayne talking about anxiety

My content reflects what it’s like in real time as I bring my viewers along to experience a lot of the highs. But beyond the laughs and the adventures, my channel is also a space to discuss the real, vulnerable parts of life, including something I've been dealing with in the last year or two: health anxiety.

Anxiety isn't always an easy topic, especially in a world where everyone's seemingly living their best lives. I had never really heard many people talking about this online and felt like I was the only one feeling this way.

I thought maybe sharing my struggles could help someone out there feel a little less alone, because I knew if I had seen content like that, I would feel less scared about it all. So, I started to share how I was feeling, going to doctor’s appointments and doing tests, etc. — all the things that bring me the most anxiety out of anything. Sharing this not only made me feel like I was going through it all with others, but also connected me with so many of my viewers who feel the same.

Quote from Sophie Jayne about sharing her story to help people feel less alone.

It can be terrifying putting your biggest fears out for everyone to watch and criticise, and it made me feel extremely vulnerable. But if I could make one person feel like what they are going through is valid and shared, I feel my job is done. And it doesn’t have to always be mental health related; watching people laugh with their friends and bring us along on their day, regardless of how repetitive it might be, really helps to calm me down when my anxiety gets too much to handle. It’s a huge reassurance seeing people go through the things you do.

As I’ve been sharing my life online for so many years now as my work, it can be hard to draw boundaries between the two. But as I get older, I learn more about what I’m happy to share, like the fun stuff or whatever feels good to me, and what I’d like to keep relatively private. I’ll continue sharing the real, vulnerable, happy, sad, and everything-in-between parts of my life, and continue building a community who share the same values. My goal for my channel is for all of us to feel less alone in going through this weird thing we call life together.

Quote from Sophie Jayne about YouTube and sharing content and finding community.

YouTube isn't just a platform anymore; it's like a lifeline. For me and for many others, it's a place where we find comfort, understanding, and a sense of belonging. I’ve received beautiful comments saying that I have helped people feel less alone with their anxiety, and I've discovered that sharing the highs and lows creates a web of connection that stretches across the globe; it’s something everyone goes through.

What I love most about the content I watch on YouTube is when the creators I watch feel like my friend — so this is what I try and aim for with my own content, whether that’s a 30-minute vlog of my week, or a 15-second Sunday reset Shorts video. I want my audience to simply do life with me, just as they would with their friends.

So it’s probably a no-brainer that my community has become my favourite part about being on YouTube. The fact that I get to have best friends all around the world – that will never not be insane to me. From the incredibly sweet comments I receive to meeting them in real life, I love feeling like I found my kind of people to do life with.

Quote from Sophie Jayne about other creators and content she watches on YouTube.

I want it to be a reminder to everyone (and myself) that we are never too old to have fun, be silly and spontaneous, and get what you want out of life. Just like the creators I watch when I’m feeling overwhelmed or anxious, I want people to finish watching my content feeling lighter, reassured, and perhaps with a smile on their faces.

Speaking of other creators I watch, some of my favs include my friends Georgia Richards and Rachel Catherine, book content creators like Steph Bohrer, Sara Carroli, and Destiny Sidwell, and my all-time favourite comfort YouTube creator Zoe Sugg; they are all the epitome of why I love YouTube! Whether you're watching for a laugh, a moment of understanding, or just to escape reality for a while, know that you're not alone because you have all of us here with you.

Before I sign off, I just want to give a massive thank you to each and every one of you who's been a part of this journey. You're the reason I do what I do, and I couldn't be more grateful for the community we've built together. Catch you in my next video!