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More to experience on YouTube this summer

Kayo Sports - The Clubhouse Episode 1

Connecting with audiences has always been core to YouTube. We’ve watched the ways channels and their fans engage evolve over the years from a lean-back experience to an interactive, intimate, best-seat-in-the-house moment.

This has never moved so quickly as it did over the last few years. As COVID hit and the world shut down, people came together like never before, and much of that happened right here on YouTube. Fans tuned in to connect with cultural moments, creators, artists and more, and broadcasters leaned right in to feel closer to fans, using YouTube as their virtual venue.

What has emerged and become clear is that YouTube is the world’s biggest virtual stage and live streams, Premieres and Watch Parties are not just a trend. In Australia, our partners are experimenting with engaging their audiences on YouTube in new ways ­– using full episodes, Live and Live Chat, and more.

And this summer will be no different. A few examples of what you can expect include….

Join Kayo for the first ever sport Watch Parties on YouTube in Australia. The new Kayo original series Kayo Clubhouse ­– hosted by Gogglebox stars Adam Densten and Symon Lovett, it is a Gogglebox-style show coinciding with six BBL games ­– live on YouTube.

Offering fans an alternative way to watch some of the most explosive cricket this summer, Adam and Symon will provide their takes on the unfolding action alongside weekly special guests. And fans will also have the chance to be part of the show as Adam, Symon and guests respond to fan comments in real-time, using Live Chat on YouTube.

"We were attracted to YouTube by the interactive elements of live streaming. Being able to engage our audience in real-time via live chat adds a fun dimension and a new challenge for our producers," said Kim McConnie, Marketing Director, Kayo.

Catch-up on Clubhouse episodes on the Kayo Sports channel, and tune-in for the next shows on January 13 and 19 to chat with Adam and Symon.

ABC is bringing educational and entertaining content for the whole family to YouTube.

There will be two new full episodes of You Can’t Ask That on the ABC TV & iView channel this January, with You Can’t Ask That – Adult Virgins available at 7pm, Thursday, January 13 and You Can’t Ask That – Ex-Footballers premiering at 7pm on Thursday, January 20. Audiences can also jump into the conversation during these premieres using Live Chat.

The ABC is also planning to Premiere full episodes of kids content on the ABC Kids channel later in the month.

"We are interested in experimenting with reaching Australians wherever they consume content and have been working with YouTube to bring helpful, meaningful and entertaining content to a broad audience using engaging and interactive formats," said Scott Gamble, Head of Social Media.

In December, The Australian Ballet brought Bodytorque Digital with two Premieres of new works by some of Australia’s best choreographers as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes moments shared on YouTube. You can relive the performance of Act V from choreographer Dan Riley – a Wiradjuri man with cultural ties throughout western NSW, he established himself as an outstanding dancer as soon as he joined Bangarra Dance Theatre at age 21 – and choreographer Alice Topp’s work Clay. Alice is co-founder and creative director of Project Animo, the only Resident Choreographer with The Australian Ballet and one of Australia's most exciting and acclaimed young choreographers.

Network 10 was the first Australian broadcaster to trial full episode Premieres in Australia in November, sharing the first episode of “Making It” as Premiere with Live Chat. Engagement on this long form video exceeded that of the average video in the channel, with average view duration and subscriber growth nearly ten times the channel average. 10 further complemented its full episode strategy with regular uploads of sneak peeks, behind the scenes footage and maker tips featuring the crafty contestants.

Expect to see much more on the Network 10 channel in 2022.

My hope is that more and more organisations and broadcasters continue to use YouTube as a way to reach all of their audiences in far-off places that they might not have reached otherwise. And that in turn, every fan across the world ­– whether it is of sport, music, art, or drama ­– gets to experience these Australian moments together.